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Success: Snatching Kids from the Jaws of a Racist Socieity

Yesterday’s post was about some of my experiences living in the ghetto as a missionary for three years. Today I want to tell you about my daughter Mary, who took up the mantle when she grew up and for the past thirteen years has faithfully worked with disadvantaged kids. She has done a far better job … Continue reading

Tribes, Gangs and Staying Alive

For over three years I lived in the ghetto, right across the street from Bee’s Mansion, a magnificently crumbling crack house. I moved there on purpose as a missionary to work with disadvantaged kids. I could not have been less qualified, I thought. I was white, a Yankee and raised on a farm. I didn’t … Continue reading

NeoCons Rushing off to Meet Death in Tehran

I remembered the story “Death in Tehran” while researching NeoCon philsophy. The story is told by Viktor Frankl in his amazing book, Man’s Search for Meaning.  The connection between the two is the NeoCon slogan, “Real men go to Tehran” which means, “Sure we’re messing around in Iraq and Libya, but war with Iran will … Continue reading

NeoCons: Project for End of the US Empire

Originally posted on Truth Scooper:
Macho Dominance Competent historians in one hundred years or so will be able to trace the fall of the American empire to the Full Spectrum Dominance religion of the NeoCons. We cannot see this clearly now because we are currently in the middle of it. Romans living through the fall…

The Beautiful Thing about Humans

We humans; neither angels nor devils but capable of being either. The news, of course, must tell us stories that are dramatic and negative, because undramatic and positive events are not news. I saw this rare positive story a few days ago from Australia. A woman had somehow got her leg caught under a train … Continue reading

Evolution of COPS: From Andy Griffith to SWAT Teams

In the small rural town where I grew up, we had a town cop. Did you? He wasn’t quite as laid back as Andy Griffith, but he was part of the community. I remember a gang of us, including the town cop, rode our horses one glorious summer afternoon up through Lyman’s Orchards. The peaches … Continue reading

Dear Follower: Take a Break

I think of you dear follower, whenever I start to post on here. I know that the world is stressful, stuff happens and many people are doing all they can…and then the car starts making a funny noise and you feel like you’re coming down with a cold. So today I’m posting beautiful pictures. Go … Continue reading

Poverty and Pig’s Feet

My father was the son of a Polish serf who came to America and bought five acres and raised eight kids. He must have thought he was very rich, since owning land was the criteria for being rich in feudal Poland. He must have thought he had really arrived when a Polish immigrant woman of … Continue reading

Rootin’ for Putin-The Silly Memes

Greetings fellow travelers, I hope your week is going well. 🙂 Big doings are afoot in the world and I write about them on my other blog, Truth Scooper. Today’s Truth Scoop is “Rootin’ for Putin.” Do not read it if you can’t take passionate commentary-I don’t blame you, life is stressful enough. But I … Continue reading

You Creative Types Know What I Mean

I have about 60 pounds of papers to go through; research for my book on human nature. There I am, minding my own business, looking out the window daydreaming when suddenly “Oh, no, not another book idea!” You know how they come to you when you least expect it. And sometimes you have to stop … Continue reading