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What do you really need? What is helpful?

I do a lot of research and get angry about lies and injustice. Some researchers and activists think that regular people need to WAKE UP! Stop being sheeple! etc

But then I know a lot of regular people, just trying to make it through the week, tired and stressed, doing the best they can and (I think) doing a great job, actually. What they need may be more like  thirty minutes of Morgan Freeman reading poetry while they gaze at lovely landscapes.

I don’t know what is most helpful, so this blog is going for relaxation/reflection and my evil twin’s blog, Truth Scooper is going for kick-ass rants against lies and injustice.

Therefore, here is a lovely landscape, followed by links to Truth Scooper posts. Your choice-because nobody knows what you need as well as you do. 🙂




Wait! Just How Shite is CIA “intelligence”

Zionism and Fascism-or is that Redundant?

Something very fishy about ISIS: C’mon People-THINK

Ukraine’s Big Fat Lies: Let’s Shovel that BS onto the Compost Pile

The Real Battle: Nationalism vs. Globalism

NeoCons: Project for End of the US Empire

The Religion of the NeoCons

Genocide is so Sexy? Israel’s Atrocity Porn

Evolution of COPS: From Andy Griffith to SWAT Teams

Whose Side is God on?

ISIS and the Mysterious al-Baghdadi

Rootin’ for Putin

Christians Duped Again: Son of Hamas

Is Hezbollah Really a Terrorist Organization?

How Zionists Exploited Victims of the Holocaust-and still do

What’s Wrong with Israelis? The Dark Stain of Racism

Hamas, Gaza and “Designated Terrorists”

Scooping out Latest Right Wing BS: Muslims Demand Army…

Anti-Semitic? “It’s a trick, we all use it”

Team People: The First Axiom for a Better World

I grew Up on a Farm-I know what to do with BS

About Je' Czaja aka Granny Savage

Je' is a writer, artist, and stand up philosopher. She founded and directed two non-profit organizations for disadvantaged children and their families, served as a missionary for three years, is the author of several books and teaches art. Twitter: @jeczaja FB: Amazon Author page:


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