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We Take Care of Each Other

Early this morning my grown daughter came into my bedroom, looking like something the cat dragged in. “Mommy!” she moaned. Mommy? I haven’t been called Mommy in 20 years. “I’m sick,” she said, laying her disheveled head on the foot of the bed. Four days of headache, vomiting and fever. I told her she had … Continue reading

Rebellion at the DMV

I drove a young friend to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew her license. She was pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, so we made sure we got there when the doors opened, so we could get in and out quickly. We and a blonde woman grabbed the first two tickets that supposedly reserved our … Continue reading

Trauma: When your core beliefs are kicked out from under you

I once was a facilitator for a support group for adult trauma survivors. We think of trauma in connection with serious physical danger or injury, but there is a serious emotional danger and injury that is also incapacitating. Our group member’s traumas varied and were too terrible to mention here. But why were they stuck, … Continue reading

The Last Blast of Summer

Here I am procrastinating cleaning out my closets, talking about the arrival of fall. For two days, temperatures were around 102 degrees. When I ran out to the car barefoot to get a pen, I actually burned the bottom of my feet. “It’s the last blast of summer,” I said. Yesterday sitting on my porch, … Continue reading

The Three Weirdos: Are Authors like their characters?

I’m just finishing up The Three Weirdos, a critical thinking comic book for beginner readers. I have particularly enjoyed Ono, the crazy-brave mouse. This made me wonder if Ono is my alter-ego-and if, therefore, I am a weirdo. Well I did grow up as the only girl among four brothers and a dozen boy cousins. … Continue reading

What do you really need? What is helpful?

I do a lot of research and get angry about lies and injustice. Some researchers and activists think that regular people need to WAKE UP! Stop being sheeple! etc But then I know a lot of regular people, just trying to make it through the week, tired and stressed, doing the best they can and … Continue reading

My wiseguy coworker body-slams the Iron Law of wages

A young friend just told me that she had gotten a $2/hour raise, which, she said, did not change her paycheck as much as she had hoped. I told her my co-workers and I once got a five cent raise. She thought I was joking; I was not joking, but the story is pretty funny … Continue reading

Plant a tree under whose shade you will never sit

‘The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ‘-Nelson Henderson Greetings! I hope your week is going well! The photo is of Tony and I, taken today. Tony is the sweet gum tree I almost discarded as a weed three years ago, because he had sprouted … Continue reading

The magical, mystical attraction of guns

“Americans have a God-given right to carry guns” “Like” if you agree. Of course, the facebook post got about 300,000 “Likes,” causing me to wonder, yet again, about the quality of the cognitive machinery grinding away between the ears of my fellow Americans. First of all, the “God-given” right refers to the second amendment of … Continue reading

The Three Weirdos: For those who don’t quite fit in

Hope your week is going well. 🙂 I am three-quarters done with the latest critical-thinking comic book for beginning readers. Every time I think, “Dang this is taking forever,” (which is every few hours) I remember that from start to finish, Lord of the Rings took J.R.R. Tolkein seventeen years.  Seventeen years! The Three Weirdos is … Continue reading