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Top Three Tips for Successful Managers

I was “the boss” in several positions, and like kids who vow they will never treat their own kids like their parents treated them, I vowed that I would never treat my staff like lousy managers had treated me. Lousy management reduces productivity (which managers blame on staff laziness) causes high employee turnover (which managers … Continue reading

What Can One Person Do?

How is your day going? Good, I hope. I have this theory that if every day we do one little good thing, several billion good things will be done daily and that will actually change the world. This was a lot easier for me when I ran charities. The opportunities for doing a good thing … Continue reading

Art and Money-Making

I have no objection to making money, I just suck at it. Maybe because I don’t think money is the most important thing in life, maybe because I enjoy giving things away. No doubt, there is no hope for me, though I have followed various suggestions for making money from art. One was to make … Continue reading

Meet your local gun nut

Here are some tips in case you find yourself, as I did, on a four-hour road trip with a heavily-armed, government-hating militia man. “Why do you keep checking the rearview mirror?” I asked. “We’re being followed,” he assured me, “probably FBI.” The FBI dude needed a Coke, I guess, or maybe he had to pee, … Continue reading

How GREED destroys societies-and always will

History is written through the political prism of the writer. Thus when Rousseau wanted to prove that man in a state of nature was good, free and equal he offered up primitive societies, about which he knew almost nothing, as an example. Hobbes, on the other hand, wanting to prove that man in a state … Continue reading

On the Good and Evil-in our Own Hearts

Alexander Solzhenistsyn was once a Russian officer who was arbitrarily arrested and spent many years in the gulags. He had gone in as a convinced Bolshevik, he emerged as a convinced Christian.   Subsequently he won a Nobel prize for Literature and was very popular in the U.S., partly because he said things that fit … Continue reading

Horrors of Privatization: Stories from the Kid Jail, Chapter 7/7

It was my last day. Carlin, the door-rammer from the previous night’s riot in Dorm B, wanted to talk to me. This was a scary thought, to tell the truth. He was already sitting in my office-a big, handsome kid, soft-spoken. “I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry for cussing at you. I’m sorry … Continue reading

Horrors of Privatization: Stories from the Kid Jail, Chapter 6/7

The pressure to extend some of my kids sentences was getting intense. It made others look bad if my kids behaved and theirs didn’t. I would not do it and I could not change the institution. I was going to quit the next day. I got my guys cleaned up and put to bed without … Continue reading

Horrors of Privatization: Stories from the Kid Jail, Chapter 5/7

Staff morale was abysmal at the for-profit jail. Underpaid, overworked and at times in physical danger is bad enough, but there was also a sneaky, back-stabbing undercurrent that only made matters worse. The amount of paperwork was ludicrous and to save money they worked short-staffed. Case managers had to fill in for absent guards for … Continue reading

Horrors of Privatization: Stories from the Kid Jail Chapter 4/7

One sultry afternoon while the boys were playing with their flabby basketball (they had no air pump) they started giggling and looking at something on the ground. Two bees were mating and the boys were making lewd remarks about the event. I went to investigate and told them how rare that was and told them … Continue reading