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In the Garden: Song of the Mocking Bird

This morning’s Wonderful Thing I found in the garden was not precisely IN the garden, but I thought since his song filled the garden, he would still qualify. Mocking birds get up at dawn and sing all day. They don’t exactly have a song of their own, they imitate every song they’ve ever heard and … Continue reading

In the garden: Honeybees and Adam Smith

Today a honeybee was doing her thing in one of the squash blossoms. If you get very still you can hear, all around, soft and low-the “bzzzzzzzz” of the honeybees. Everything is connected in life and honeybees are a good illustration of this. You see, honeybees go about, busy as a…bee and collect pollen and … Continue reading

In the Garden: Today’s Wonderful Thing

In my quest to find a wonderful thing every day in my tiny 10 X 25 garden plot, I was somewhat disappointed that for the first time, no dragonflies were around. The Annual Dragonfly Convention must be in session somewhere deep in the swamp. Then I noticed that one of my tomato plants was skeltonized-chomped … Continue reading

A banker, a mechanic and a homeless man sit down for breakfast

A banker, a mechanic and a homeless man sit down for breakfast in a crowded diner. The banker is on his way to a meeting and seldom eats in diners. The mechanic eats there every day and the homeless man raked someone’s leaves and got enough money for a meal. They order ten pancakes and … Continue reading

Flying Dragons

In a previous post I mentioned that I was going to fight self-pity by finding something beautiful and amazing every day in my tiny 10 X 25 foot garden plot. The first day I met a dragonfly on the tomato stake and when I said “Hi,” he nodded to me and said, “Wassup?” Because dragonflies … Continue reading

Gifts my father gave me

Originally posted on Welcome Travelers…:
Pop came in from the fields to get lunch one spring day and casually said, “It’s about time for the first strawberry to get ripe.” I dashed out of the house to the strawberry field, walking up and down the rows and “Yes!” I picked the half-ripe strawberry and ran…

History Lesson: The more things change the more they stay the same

The turmoil in Iraq, Libya, Syria and (coming soon to) Afghanistan are good examples of SNAP. SNAP! That’s the sound of a stretched society either breaking or snapping back to its original form. We may think that great revolutions have fundamentally changed societies, but if you follow them for over time, you will find that … Continue reading

Your wonderful face and what it tells the world

Was this the face that launched a thousand ships And burnt the topless towers of Illium? The above quote is from Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, and it is about Helen of Troy, the quintessentially beautiful woman who started the Trojan War by changing partners. Her face, Marlowe says, launched a thousand ships. Facial recognition is … Continue reading

Escape from the Imaginary Gulag

Aren’t our imaginations wonderful things? To travel through space and time in our own imagination, to see the beauty in a raindrop clinging to a leaf in early spring, to feel the cold mist on our face kicked up by a deep forest waterfall-just by looking at a picture. But our imagination is a double-edged … Continue reading

Conservatives’ Kinder, Gentler KKK

People from civilizations more advanced than Deepswamp, Georgia might be surprised, as I was, by the attitude of many local black folks toward the KKK, which might be summed up as: “They are what they are.” As a Yankee import, I was shocked and horrified that racism was still alive and well in America. For … Continue reading