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The Dinosaur in my Garden

I am on a quest to prove that a person can find something wonderful every day in a 10 X 25 foot garden plot, and today’s wonderful thing was a visit from Lord Tortlaroy. Lord Tortlaroy is a local gopher tortoise who either knows it is illegal to bother him or just possesses a whole … Continue reading

My First Run-In with the Police State at Age Nine

The serious man in the uniform was giving me a lecture, and as usual when I was getting a lecture, my mind was wandering. “How cool is it,” I wondered, “that the game warden’s name is Bob White? Did he become a game warden because he was named after a quail? And isn’t it interesting … Continue reading

The Lighter Side of Marx, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin?

  So you question my including Karl Marx in this list? Well, you are right. Compared to the others, Marx was a pussycat, a dusty philosopher. Is it a philosopher’s fault if readers take his words and run with them to the killing fields? After all, they have done the same with Jesus’ words. Marx … Continue reading

Why Did Stalin Make Doodles of Wolves?

Do you ever doodle to pass the time in long meetings? If so, you have something in common with Joseph Stalin, who liked to draw wolves on scraps of paper and then color in the backgrounds with red. What do you think that means? (I asked a couple of 20-somethings who said, “Who is Joseph … Continue reading

Whose Promised Land? The Wrong Question-and then the Right One

Would you like to jump into a swirling sea of violence and race hatred? Of course not, you are a sensible person. And I, apparently am not. It just started out with a simple question: “Why do so many people dislike the Jews?” Well first, you have to define “Jew.” Are Jews a race? That … Continue reading

Hope for the Human Race

Any beings who can do this-and laugh-can survive anything. 🙂  

The Romantic Book that Inspired Vladimir Lenin

You are a human being, let me ask you: Do you have some Ultimate Value that gives meaning to your life? Do you think others human beings are the same? Do you think that this essentially spiritual dimension tells more about a person than anything else? History is often the story of a human being … Continue reading

Who Gave Them the Money? Lenin, Hitler and Boko Haram

Have you ever read a biography of a famous historical figure, like Hitler, and wondered, “Wait a minute, where did a starving artist get the money to start a political party?” I’m a starving artist and I don’t have the money to start a political party-do you? Uniforms, pamphlets, flags and weapons all cost money. … Continue reading

Sports as a Substitute for War

As a student of public opinion, it has been fascinating to note that Americans have become much more interested in the World Cup than ever before. Of course, the rest of the world has been interested in soccer for about 100 years, but Americans are famous for not caring what interests the rest of the … Continue reading

What Happens when Nations Default?

What Happens when Nations Default? Life goes on. According to bankers, defaulting on national debt ushers in Armageddon, the end of the world, nothing left but ashes under the feet of the cockroaches, the only creatures that could survive such a catastrophe. Words such as “crisis” “emergency” and “cliff” are daily used in news stories … Continue reading