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Politics and Morality-Machiavelli

    Niccolo Machiavelli lived in Florence from 1469-1512. Florence was a hotbed of corruption, violence and intrigue and Machiavelli held an official post in one government, then was imprisoned by the next. His book, The Prince, was his attempt to suck up to the current ruler in the hopes of getting a political appointment. … Continue reading

How to handle stress and live a long time

A young friend of mine is experiencing ulcer symptoms. She makes little money, her old car is breaking down and she wants to go back to college. She needs $600 to go back to college and though she works two jobs, saving up that much money is taking a long time. Now the brakes pads … Continue reading

25 People and one Libertarian stranded on a desert island…

Thought experiment: Twenty-six strangers have become stranded on Coconut island. There is enough food, water and sufficient shelter to keep everyone alive. The people soon realize they are going to have to work together for best results and so they form the Coconut Tribe. One man is a rugged individualist. He spurns the Tribe and … Continue reading

Why we hate lies (and why we should keep on hating lies)

We really hate it when people lie to us. Alarms about the latest lies coming out of Washington, D.C. take up a lot of Twitter space. And that’s a good thing; the consensus is that we resent being deceived. But why is this so important? We want the truth so we can make good decisions. … Continue reading

Plato’s Cave-Nothing to lose but your chains

The most revealing thing about you is your worldview. We all have one, though perhaps many of us have not made the effort to articulate it. Many are still chained in Plato’s cave; they have not yet examined their lives, as Plato’s teacher, Socrates said.   Socrates went on to say that such an unexamined … Continue reading

One Easter morning, on the beach

Several years ago, when I was living four minutes from the beach, I thought it would be cool to go and watch the sun rise. Lots of churches have sun rise services outdoors and the congregation huddles on folding chairs and listens to a sermon and sings happy songs. I always thought we should sing, … Continue reading

One reason there is evil in the world

“Why is there evil in the world?” is too big a question to answer here, but I am going to point out a little facet of human nature that I find operating in myself and I bet the same holds true for you. Thought experiment: You are the ruler of a vast, fertile land. Every … Continue reading

Mexico’s Women Warriors

  Women fought in the Mexican Revolution, many to avenge family members. They joined the Zapatistas and some rose to become commanders. Mexican women are taking up arms again, this time against the drug cartels, and are forming vigilante groups. According to The Daily Beast: “…the first all-female armed Citizen group was formed in Xaltianguis. … Continue reading

Fun Requires No Explanation

I watched the short video clip below and admit I laughed out loud. Why is the young elk playing in the mud puddle? I bet some evolutionary-whatever could concoct a reason that fits the evolutionary paradigm, but I hope we would all tell him to just shut up, because we know why the young elk … Continue reading

Poor Nietzche

Let me be perfectly clear: Freidrich’s Nietzche’s philsophy sucks. Moving right along: Friedrich Nietzche was a German philosopher and culture critic who died in 1900. He is probably best known for his statement that “God is dead” and his concept of the “will to power,” which was quite popular as a worldview among the Nazis. … Continue reading