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What? Buddhist Facists?

Like most people, I suppose, I thought Buddhists were peaceful and enigmatic and the last people to impose their beliefs on others by violence. As it turns out, Buddhists are human beings and subject to the same failings as any other group of human beings. Fascism is hard to define and is one of those … Continue reading

Alien Invasions

  Imagine we are invaded by space aliens. Lots of folks have imagined this, of course, and this imagining is the basis for many popular books and movies. In most of these scenarios, the aliens, who are obviously more technologically advanced, have come to conquer, exterminate or exploit us. Why do we think this? Because … Continue reading

How Beautiful the World Could Be

I am re-reading Viktor Frankl’s inspiring Man’s Search for Meaning. Viktor Frankl was a Jewish psychiatrist who spent three years in Nazi concentration camps and this is his story about that experience. How could that possibly be inspiring? An excerpt: “One evening, when we were all ready resting on the floor our our hut, dead … Continue reading

Grey sea, grey sky two things are bright…

Grey sea, grey sky two things are bright; the gull-white foam, the gull, foam-white. -from poem by John Hewitt

The New USA

What does the USA looks like where you would like to live? This is a question asked in conflict resolutions and since we seem to be involved in conflicts with each other, I thought it might be helpful if we all thought about this question. It will certainly be more helpful than calling each other … Continue reading

Hijab-Ultimate Solution for bad hair days?

Some countries have banned the hijab and the burqa and some people complain that this violates the religious freedom of Muslims. It amazes me how this debate goes on and on, though Islam does not require the wearing of either garment according to the Qu’ran. It is a cultural tradition, not a religious issue. Immigrants … Continue reading

The Mind of the South

Commentators have often mentioned that the United States has never lost a war; as in it has never fought all-out and been defeated, invaded, occupied and forced to change its way of life to suit the invaders. But that is only true of half of the original states, the other half did fight all-out, was … Continue reading

The huge honor that a little bird gave me

Three years ago, as I was about to enter a local grocery store with my daughter, she exclaimed, “Look, it’s a baby sparrow!” “Oh no,” I said, “It’s fallen out of the nest-I think it’s dead.” But just then it lifted its ugly little head on its scrawny little neck. “No, it’s alive, we have … Continue reading

The Inevitability of the State-Why Anarchism Doesn’t Work

I confess a certain fondness for anarchism*-each person free to choose their own way-very appealing. And just look at the evil that states have perpetrated down through the centuries, invading, raiding, enslaving, deceiving, murdering, and exploiting. Once again the ID the Devil fallacy comes into play: If we can just pinpoint the source of evil, … Continue reading

I didn’t make that-the myth of the rugged individual

I pick on Libertarians a lot, because they have a fatal flaw in their philosophy, but I must confess that I once liked their ideas so much, I joined a local Libertarian party for a few weeks. I still get meeting notices with the subject line: “The slaves conspire” The fatal flaw in American Libertarianism … Continue reading