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Criticial Thinking for Beginning Readers

My daughter Autumn sent me a list of about 50 words and challenged me to write a book for beginning readers. I scanned the list and at first it didn’t look too promising, then my own rather naughty inner child kicked in and voila-not one, but two books: cute, funny and just a tad snarky. … Continue reading

Poverty Kills-GOP’s Policy of Slow-Motion Genocide

If I say “poverty kills” you may picture skeletal African babies with flies crawling on their eyes. If I say “poverty kills Americans” you may respond like the Koch-funded Heritage Foundation in their article, “Air conditioning, Cable TV and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?” What? They aren’t poor!  Where are the … Continue reading

Class War: The Story Continues

By the 1600s the English motherland was shipping citizens to its colonies, claiming that it was running out of land to support them. Of course, a relative handful of the population owned vast swathes of land from which they extracted rents to support them in the indolent and luxurious style to which they felt entitled. … Continue reading

Class War: The Big Picture

Is a society rigidly divided into grossly unequal classes a natural phenomenon, just part of the human condition? After all, it has been around for a long time. The ancient Greeks and Romans, over whom we westerners fawn as the cradle of civilization, displayed such class divisions. Plato, sort of a brilliant one-man think tank … Continue reading

Where’d You Get That Idea? Class War

When you listen to conservative pundits, keep your ear tuned for echoes of their nostalgia for the rigid class divisions which existed in England (the motherland!) around 500 years ago. Class divisions set in concrete were regarded as the only way to peace, prosperity and harmony in society. If you were born into a given … Continue reading

King Dick-fire in the minds of squirrels

You say you want a revolution? I made this free flip book just for you! -from Slightly Snarky Picture Books for Grownups. Enjoy! (I wanted to do this as a picture book for little kids, but they said King Dick demanding nuts for taxes would cause too many giggles) Click here for free King Dick … Continue reading

Let Your Soul Sing

I am a Christian, but alas, I find I have more in common with the dancing, laughing Sufi poet Rumi, who said, “‘My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there,”-than I have with a thin-lipped, judgmental Calvinist and her “sinners in the hand of an angry God” … Continue reading

A 9/11 Skeptic Comes Around

A few years ago after watching 9/11 an Inside Job I read something in the comments that haunted me: “It is unthinkable that the government was complicit in 911. If I believed that, I would have to move out of the United States.” Interesting word, “unthinkable;” a thing about which I am unable to think. … Continue reading

Beware the Robber Baron “Philanthropists”

Silly me. When I set up a couple of charitable organizations, I adhered carefully to IRS regulations. I filled out the 20-plus pages of the application meticulously and paid heed to the warning about not engaging in political activities. You see, non-profits are tax exempt because non-profits are supposed to serve the public good, not … Continue reading

Sir Lord Chauncey Twitass Has a Dream

Sir Lord Chauncey Twitass is my archetypal name for all the upper class twits who live so high above the unwashed masses, they would get nose bleeds if only they had hearts to pump blood that high. Sure, Sir Lord Chauncey is an obnoxious Ahole but he is still a human being and has dreams, … Continue reading