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The Death of White America and what to do about it

I have been listening to Pat Buchanan’s audio book, Suicide of a Superpower and (perhaps like all of us) he makes a lot a lot of sense and a bit of nonsense. Pat Buchanan is a Conservative commentator and was a senior advisor to Nixon and Reagan. Why would I, who my conservative brother describes … Continue reading

Who is this God person anyway?

Is God a really big guy (all-powerful) really old with a white beard (ever-existent) and sitting on a throne (ultimate king)? This is a common metaphorical image of God. Oh, and he is often angry because his kids are brats and so he hurls metaphorical lightening bolts at them. This is a pretty limited and … Continue reading

How Mom Ended My Criminal Career at Age Six

The grocery store was no bigger than a smallish house and I loved to go and look at the candy rack. When I was grown I would buy the whole candy rack and keep it in my house. Such are the dreams of six year-olds. Mr. Habersang, who owned the store, was a very nice … Continue reading

Little Heroes

When I saw this family snapshot I had to laugh. Who knows what the rest of the family was up to? Gus and Carlo were dreaming of adventures. Carlo was spying for pirates on the horizon and Gus was ready for anything with his trusty plastic sword. They were both shoe-less, so I asked their … Continue reading

Labors of Love

I just finished about 300 hours of work on a labor of love; a picture book starring my three grand daughters as the princesses of Tiny Landistan. “It’s not good enough,” I kept rebuking myself and starting over on the art. Yet I am not a usually a perfectionist-perfection takes too long. Why was I … Continue reading

Woe to You, Rightwing Christian Leaders, Hypocrites!

I was an adult before I became a Christian and first read the Bible. I was shocked by much of what I read, because I had been sold the “gentle Jesus, meek and mild” narrative. Jesus was meek and mild with ‘honest’ adulterers, whores and worst of all-tax collectors. But he was plenty tough on … Continue reading

The Art Biz: The Snobs vs the People

Art, like love, sex and all good things human, has been co-opted by the money-changers. The goal, as always, is maximizing profit and prestige. If you play the game, your art may become “collectible” that is, an investment that will rise in value until its worth millions, kind of like a super-performing stock. Then every … Continue reading

Haunted by Mary Turner

Maybe its because the bridge where they murdered Mary Turner is close to where I live. Maybe its because of the palpable racism that still simmers here in Deepswamp, Georgia. Maybe its because my biracial daughter was the same age as Mary Turner when she was so brutally slain. In 1918 right here in Brooks … Continue reading

Grandma on boundaries

Being the only girl amongst sixteen neighborhood boys, I did all the things the boys did and I did a lot of them better. I climbed trees, fought wars, caught snakes and played a mean game of baseball. In those days girls weren’t allowed to play in Little League and they weren’t supposed to do … Continue reading

There’s a fine line between genius and madness

I didn’t want to be an artist because I didn’t want to go mad. But then Salvador Dali, who often acted mad, said, “The difference between a mad man and my self is that I am not mad.” Of course, a mad man would say that. Poor Van Gogh was certifiable. But then I read … Continue reading