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Blue Wildflowers and Water Striders

Yesterday’s painting was pulled out of that mysterious space between my ears, which always worries me a little. What’s real in this painting? Define “real” 🙂 The blackened tree stump exists, but it’s in the middle of a sandy field where lightening struck it years ago. I could take you there and show you right … Continue reading

By the Pond

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I was kicked out of the woods where I usually roam and was feeling deprived. I decided simply to go into the woods on the other side of the road. “Ha! I thought,” I have released myself back to the wild.” My five year-old granddaughter, Alina, tried to … Continue reading

Religion-Throwing out the Baby with the Bathwater

Throwing out the baby with the bathwater has a fancy name: Manichaeism. It refers to an ancient religious doctrine of absolute good and absolute evil locked in mortal combat. Judging by our movies, books and video games, we rather like that archetype. It also refers to a characteristic of human nature that is on display … Continue reading

From Starving Artist to Landless Peasant

Self-pity is an ugly thing, but I may have slipped into it for a few hours yesterday. I go for a walk every day to find something beautiful to paint in Deepswamp, GA, but yesterday I was evicted from the woods. Finding something beautiful to paint in St. Augustine, Fl was easy. Same for when … Continue reading

Congress Says Jewish Noahide Laws are Foundation of U.S.

I originally set out to debunk the claim that congress passed a resolution declaring the primacy of Jewish Noahide laws. “Silly conspiracy theorists,” I thought. Only this time, they were pretty much right. Did Congress Pass Such a Resolution? Yes. Repeatedly. The first resolution was passed in 1978 and has been passed annually since then. … Continue reading

Deepswamp Georgia on Overcast Day

I’m still determined to find something beautiful every day in my scenically challenged region. Today it was overcast, which eliminates all the cool things that happen when sunlight strikes a patch of golden weeds or shadows reach their purple fingers toward you. I decided to brave the tick-infested woods to visit the pond behind my … Continue reading

The Truth About Private Charities Caring for America’s Poor

I served as Executive Director of three non-profits helping poor folks in the rural south and I’m going to tell you the truth about private charities caring for America’s poor. Short version: It is a delusional pipe dream. Libertarians like to advocate this so the government can further be reduced to the point it will … Continue reading

How Insisting You Are Right Can Kill You

All humans are believers; we all take important parts, if not all, of our worldview on faith. “Not me, I’m rational, I demand evidence for what I believe,” says the Enlightenment Man. But the Enlightenment Man is no exception. He gets his ideas from authorities; historians, scientists or other human beings, such as teachers or … Continue reading