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Painting the National Mood: Seeing Through

While painting “Palm Tree” I kept thinking this painting was about “seeing through;” seeing the light through the branches of the tree. There is an obstacle between the light and the viewer, but the obstacle cannot block out the light-light is leaking through. Light is a metaphor for truth and “seeing the light” means seeing … Continue reading

Painting the National Mood: Heat Lightening

As I mentioned in a previous post, I find I am painting the national mood. Everyday I ask myself, “Self, what shall we paint today?” Then I see something and start painting. This is not as straightforward as it sounds. Yesterday I saw heat lightening over Sarasota Bay. I spent a few hours many years … Continue reading

Fractals-The beautiful repeating patterns of nature

You can keep your old boring circles, squares and triangles. Sure, they are useful-but they aren’t as beautiful and fascinating as fractals, the beautiful repeating patterns of nature some call “the thumbprint of God.”   I never got excited about math until I watched Fractals: The Colors of Infinity (available free online.) “That’s it!” I … Continue reading

Painting the National Mood: How Art Reflects Current Events

I just realized that as I paint every day, I am painting current events. This has probably always been true from the cave paintings of deer, bulls and horses (not only beautiful, but also yummy) to the self-satisfied, well-fed Dutch merchants painted by Rembrandt. A famous example is “Rain, Steam and Speed” painted by J.M.W. … Continue reading

Meet a Real Poor Person-William, a Veteran

I worked in social services, both government and non-profit for over twenty years. When I hear right-wingers say such things as food benefits destroy families (lack of food is good for families?) and the unemployed should be punished (for their own good) I realize that they don’t actually KNOW any poor people. They have the … Continue reading

Some Things are So Beautiful I Forget to Breathe

Have you been underwater and seen a school of minnows flash in the sun? I used to live near various springs in central Florida and you could catch tropical fish for your tank from the spring runs. The water was as clear as air. I once dove underwater and scared a school of minnows, who … Continue reading

The History of the World in Less Than 800 Words

Long ago our ancestors became conscious of far more than mere animals can bear. They suddenly knew they would die one day and they knew right from wrong and still did wrong. We are still working on those dilemmas, called “The Human Problem” by philosophers. For 100,000 years, give or take, our ancestors roamed about … Continue reading

Fox News: How Fear Makes You Stupid

Let’s say a huge angry bull escapes from the livestock auction and blasts into your backyard-(this actually happened to me when I lived on a farm.) It is quite appropriate to stop contemplating Plato’s Republic, scoop up the kids and dash for the safety of the house. The fight-or-flight system kicks in; digestion halts, heart … Continue reading