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Mark, the Redneck Deer

I painted Mark, the Redneck Deer to atone for offending Mark the redneck deer hunter. It happened like this: My daughter’s boss invited us to visit her church. This is a fairly common thing in Deepswamp, Georgia and everyone involved knows it is a friendly gesture. We followed her and her husband Mark’s pickup to … Continue reading

Too Cowardly to Blow the Whistle

I follow with interest the predictable fortunes of whistle-blowers from Assange to Manning to Snowden. Having lacked the courage to blow the whistle myself, I know what pressure they come under. Did they know ahead of time what they were in for? Some seem a bit naïve, (in a good way) like the FBI’s Sibel … Continue reading

Adam Smith on Compassion-What Free Marketeers Don’t Tell You

Adam Smith, is known as the “Father of Modern Economics” because of his 1776 book, The Wealth of Nations. He is quoted as stating that everyone acting in his own self-interest will result in the good of all in the long run. The theory is that in a free market, people will choose what to … Continue reading

Fish Story: 400 lb Largemouth Bass

When I was a kid, I spent any money I got to buy Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. I read them cover to cover, even the funny ads at the end about making money raising earthworms. At that time and in my part of the country, I was the only female present on opening … Continue reading

The Gory, Inglorious Roman Empire as Role Model

Our history books extol the Roman Empire: the aqueducts! The buildings! The wealth! The power! The glory that was Rome; tragically destroyed by barbarians. Alternatively, according to your personal agenda, destroyed by bread and circuses-the supposed Roman welfare state, or by Imperial Overreach-spreading their forces too thinly across the “civilized” world. If only we could … Continue reading

The Day I Almost Shot Two Politicians

The kids and I were already tucked in bed asleep when I heard loud knocking on a distant door. “What the heck?” I thought groggily. It was 11 PM and I wasn’t expecting visitors. The knock came again, rapid and demanding. My husband was at work, so I got up and peeked in at the … Continue reading

Morally Reasoning our Way through the Fog of War

Pictures of dead babies greatly upset us-that is one of the noble things about human beings. If you research the history of war propaganda, you will find that dead babies will effectively churn people’s moral outrage into high gear. When Germany invaded Belgium in WWI, claims were made that German soldiers were impaling babies. Damn … Continue reading

Netanyahu starring as The Messiah

A quote by a former Likud activist reported in The National Interest: “Bibi is a messianist. He believes with all his soul and every last molecule of his being that he is King David.” This explains Netanyahu’s single-minded apocalyptic drive to “mow the grass” around the Middle East so the Zionist neighborhood is tidy. It … Continue reading

A Brief History of False Flag Operations

  Most of us have been the victim of false flag operations as kids. Our sibling or the class jerk did something rotten and blamed us for it.   As it turns out, kids become adults and some become leaders and try the same stunt. In fact, whole groups of adults sit around and plan … Continue reading

For All the Strong Women Out There!

On September 2, 2013, Diana Nyad, a 64 year-old American woman, swam 110 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. Since I had been reading about previous failures, mostly involving stinging jellyfish, I was excited for her. I was very close to being inspired to start working out. Not quite, but close. A … Continue reading