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The Agony of Vincent van Gogh

The van Gogh family had a son on March 30, 1852, whom they named Vincent. Sadly this infant died, but a year to the day later they had another son whom they also named Vincent. This is the man we now know as a great artist. Van Gogh died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at … Continue reading

Karma vs. Dogma: Thoughts on Evolution from a Christian

When some perpetually angry types find out I am a Christian, they accuse me of being a flat-earther, an evolution-denier and a slave to an imaginary sky god. This is atheist fundamentalist dogma. I don’t like dogmas, they are limiting and well… stupid. I deliberately run over dogmas with my karma. First: evolution. I have … Continue reading

The Natural State of Man

Many older philosophies start out with the natural state of mankind. The trouble was, they didn’t know diddly about the natural state of mankind but went on to build elaborate narratives on a foundation of marshmallow fluff. Thomas Hobbes famously said that the natural state of mankind was a “war of all against all” and … Continue reading

Pope Francis on Gays: Who am I to judge?

In a recent informal interview on an airplane, Pope Francis said in regard to homosexuals, “A gay person who is seeking God, who is of good will—well, who am I to judge him?” He went on to say that homosexuals are “our brothers and sisters” who “should not be marginalized.” “Ah, but what did he … Continue reading