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Ayn Rand’s Toxic Selfishness

Reading “Atlas Shrugged” was a rite of passage when I was in college. It was rebellion against conformity-for those who also intended to inherit their daddy’s business. The book was, and is-ponderous, simple-minded moralizing and quite frankly, boring. Thank God, my high school required us to read vast quantities of great literature, so at least … Continue reading

The Real Jesus

I was reading an article recently about the radicalism of Jesus. It was an interview of a Muslim by a Jewish atheist-strange choice for expert opinions on Jesus. I also recently read an article by Richard Dawkins on religion. Gee, how about Pope Francis on molecular biology? I am a generic Christian (after “Christian” I … Continue reading

Modern Money Theory for Dummies

I admit I am not very interested in money, but I am very interested in human beings and I have been suffering along with the victims of the recession and austeria (austerity hysteria) for years. I thought there must be a better way-if at first you don’t succeed, TRY SOMETHING ELSE. Modern Money Theory is … Continue reading

Responsibility to Protect-Orwellian for Endless War

“Naturally the common people don’t want war…That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along…”–Goering at the Nuremberg Trials A recent article in the National Interest, The Deceptive Appeal of the Responsibility to Protect, raises … Continue reading

Fatal Flaws of Tea Party and Libertarian Philosophy

When the US was hemorrhaging jobs after the Crash of 2008 and foreclosed families were living in tents, I predicted that protest movements would arise. They always do when a critical mass of citizens can no longer see how they can survive, never mind thrive. The Tea Party sounded good for a few minutes, but … Continue reading

Foundations of Liberty?

When we say there is a foundation of liberty, we mean that there is an unquestioned source for our rights. Our rights are ours by birth, simply because we are human beings. This is in agreement with the early Christian church, which clearly taught that we are all God’s children and therefore equal in dignity … Continue reading

Property as Theft: Where Did Private Property Come from?

  Proudhoun’s assertion that “property is theft” falls apart from the get-go: Unless property existed in the first place, what was stolen and from whom? Look closely and you will see that protection of private property is the sacred engine driving most of our laws. How did this glorification come about and who benefits? A … Continue reading

Theology is a Hoot

Theology literally means the study of God. Although almost all spiritual thinkers of all persuasions conclude that a human is unable to comprehend God, we press on. The somber study of that which cannot be comprehended is hilarious to me. Theology is a hoot and if you don’t approach it this way, it can have … Continue reading

From the Heart on Trayvon Martin

The short post below is from a local missionary working with disadvantaged children. I make a conscious effort to keep my FB light and fluffy. Sometimes it’s more of a struggle than others. Catching up on posts from yesterday has left me sad, frustrated, and a little angry. I’ll be taking a break for a … Continue reading

Tax-Funded Welfare: American as Apple Pie

Contrary to claims of small-government fundamentalists, tax-funded assistance for the poor has been carried on in America from colonial days. The anti-poor echo chamber insists that it is somehow un-American for the government to help poor citizens. Shall we let them die? Well, that would solve the problem for good: no poor, no problem-to paraphrase … Continue reading