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North Korean Worldview: Racially Pure and Superior in Virtue

Most people just think North Koreans are nuts or faking their devotion to their Dear Leader so they won’t be thrown in a concentration camp. They further think Dear Leader is bluffing when he says he will nuke US allies (and the US itself) in order to get more concessions and foreign aid. This is … Continue reading

Being a Confident Woman in a “Man’s World”

“You’re a good man, Kush. I don’t care what your mother says.” I thought my Muslim friend would understand that I was joking, but apparently his mom does get on his case quite a bit, because he started defending himself. “No, no, I was kidding, your mom never told me you weren’t a good man.” … Continue reading

Why Did the Cavemen Paint?

Cavemen painted for the same reason all humans make art: They wanted to communicate: I was here. I saw this. I thought it was beautiful. What do you think? The question draws in the viewer, a viewer that they would never meet but that that they imagined. I study history so much I’ve concluded that … Continue reading

Painting Rocks on the Kitchen Floor

Artists should never be left unattended. They might paint rocks on the kitchen floor. It started when I couldn’t clean a glop of acrylic paint off my ugly white linoleum kitchen floor. “If the paint won’t come off,” I thought, “Why not paint the whole thing?” There are lots of reasons why not, actually, all … Continue reading

Militant Fundamentalist Atheism

I’m not talking about atheists who mind their own business. I know plenty of these and they are smart, moral and often kind-hearted people. I’m talking here about militant fundamentalist atheists. I get it. They think they have found the cause of all the world’s problems (religion) and if they can just eliminate the cause, … Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans of Hens and Men

It started out as a simple experiment. I went outside, got a collard leaf, grabbed two apples from the fridge and then, on a whim, an egg. I dropped the egg, with predictable results. But then the whole thing looked much more interesting. Shadows and reflections and distortions were going on all over the place! … Continue reading

Capitalism and Human Nature

I am amazed that a frequent defense of capitalism is that it is the system that best reflects human nature. If it is natural, the argument goes, then it is good. The “natural=good” argument does not extend to actually caring for Mother Nature, however. Mother Nature should be overcome, tamed and forced to serve man-like … Continue reading