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Blingism: A Do-it-Yourself Bible Doctrine

We Christians are aware that other people pick and choose among Scriptures to create their doctrines, which we declare to be wrong if they don’t agree with the doctrines we have constructed from our own gleanings. Considering that the Bible is an anthology of sixty-six books including history, poetry, wise sayings, and prophecy, there is … Continue reading

The Parable of the Profitable Son

Since American Christians are busy rewriting Jesus’ words to accommodate Mammon, it is high time to fix the Parable of the Prodigal Son. “There was a man who had two sons. The younger one, who had been reading Atlas Shrugged, said to his goody two-shoes father, ‘Father, give me my share of the estate.’ So … Continue reading

Guns and Penises

The hysterical gun control debate is so deeply irrational that it is obvious something rising up from the dark recesses of the lizard brain is going on. Yet, very little research is available on the subject, possibly because the NRA managed to get a ban on research on gun violence. There is no shortage of … Continue reading

“If you are taken hostage, we will not negotiate.”

“If you are taken hostage, we will not negotiate. The SWAT team is coming. Try to stay alive.” This was the somber warning the prison volunteer trainer issued to the class full of do-gooders, of which I was one. It was very quiet in the room as we all contemplated that scenario. “In the long … Continue reading

The KKK and I

I thought everyone knew people in the Klan. No? I lived in a very rural North Florida county with (literally) more hoofed mammals than human beings. Several prominent citizens were known to be KKK, and some not-so prominent. My black Board president had not one, but two crosses burned on his lawn. He showed me … Continue reading

USA: The Incarceration Nation Beats Stalin

I started, as usual, with a perfectly innocent question: “How bad was life in Russia for a “regular” person under Stalin?” Pretty bad, I presumed, let me find some numbers. I figured a particularly damning number would be what percent of the population was in the gulag system at the close of the Great Purge? … Continue reading

Hobby Lobby may go to hell

Full disclosure>I am a disgruntled former employee. An employee who is gruntled may have a different opinion. 🙂 Hobby Lobby is a chain of over 400 craft stores built on the Wal-Mart model. Like Wal-Mart, they compete with Chinese imports and use their volume to put smaller stores out of business. Unlike Wal-Mart, they claim … Continue reading

Truth Exists and That’s Actually Rather Important

In fairly recent history, two ideas have shaped our culture and our worldview. These two ideas are wrong and they have harmed us. The two ideas are determinism and relativism. Determinism is the belief that we are not free moral agents; that we respond according to our DNA and our environment. We have no choice, … Continue reading

Walking in the Forest, Looking for the Truth

I had made this walk before. This time, like every time, I noticed new things. The light was slanting through the trees and hitting things which were shaded last time. More leaves had come out, covering some objects that were in plain view last time. I saw deer tracks in the sand, from the size … Continue reading

Sermons I’ve Never Heard on Tithing

I actually calculated that I’ve heard over 2,500 sermons, which should have covered just about everything. However, pastors are just human beings and they have their human assumptions and traditions and blind spots, just like everyone else. One popular subject for sermons is tithing. You should give one-tenth of your income to the church. Lots … Continue reading