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Westboro Baptist Cult

Westboro Baptist is a church in the sense that Jim Jone’s People Temple was a church, before Jone’s followers committed mass suicide in Guyana in 1978. There are several differences, however. Jim Jones left 800 dead followers strewn across his compound while Fred Phelp’s Westboro has only 80 living in his. It seems incredible that … Continue reading

Turning America into Chile

Crushing socialism, dismantling the welfare state, “freeing” the markets, privatizing social security-the economic policy changes in Chile following the U.S.-sponsored coup by Augusto Pinochet sound like a far-right wet dream. And how did that work out? The “other 9/11” was September 11, 1973 when a right-wing military dictatorship overthrew the government of democratically-elected leftist Salvador … Continue reading

The Bankrupting Boondoggles In Iraq and Afghanistan

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Saddam and bin Laden despised each other. Almost all the 9/11 plotters came from Saudi Arabia and bin Laden was holed up in Pakistan. Why didn’t the U.S. invade Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? Because Saudi Arabia sells the U.S. cheap oil and Pakistan has nuclear weapons. … Continue reading

Confessions of a Former Christian Zionist Apocalypse Nut

You might be a Christian Zionist if you feel particularly proud to be an American every time the U.S. vetoes an otherwise unanimous UN resolution condemning Israel. I spent at least thirty years as a Christian Zionist and changing my mind felt like cult deprogramming. Zionism is a movement for the establishment, development and protection … Continue reading

In Times of Trouble, Grab a Goat

For years I’ve been researching conspiracy theories and wondering…”Why?” Why now? Why so many? Why so much hatred toward one group or another? Why so much fear and loathing? Of course, people secretly plan illegal things every day (definition of conspiracy) but this was different. I never suspected Joseph McCarthy would supply the answer. When … Continue reading

The False Dualism of “Left” and “Right”

I am so sick of “the left” and “the right” hurling insults at each other like kids on a schoolyard playground. I am sick of it because 1). It’s a waste of time 2). Rank stupidity makes me cringe. Having spent almost my entire life under anti-communist propaganda I understand the knee-jerk panic about anything … Continue reading

Do-It-Yourself Conspiracy Theory

Make your very own conspiracy theory! Just fill in the blanks, using the suggestions below or draw from your own fevered imagination. (Inspired by Political Research Associates) In order to understand (World, economy, what happened to your paycheck, weather,) you need to realize that everything is controlled by a (tiny cabal, a world-wide network) made … Continue reading

My Quotes

It’s not very self-effacing of me to enjoy my own quotes anymore than it’s cool of me to laugh at my own jokes. Yet I intend to go right on doing both. Here are a few quotes: He who comes to the battle of wits unarmed runs away yelling “Poopypants.” The Divine Right of Kings … Continue reading