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Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine Withdrawal

My son-in-law is an addictions counselor and when I told him I had experienced caffeine withdrawl in the past he got serious. “Caffeine withdrawal can be as bad as heroin withdrawal. Don’t quit cold turkey, ease off gradually.”

We’re all different, our bodies are different and we react to drugs in various ways. One prescription drug that may help one person may make another person worse. That’s why they have side effects listed on the drugs. My friend Jane pretty much killed herself with prescription drugs because of side effects which she ignored.

But I like coffee. Trouble is, I got busy with an art project two days ago and forgot to drink any. I started feeling off in the evening, then my sinuses started running like the Colorado River. My head started pounding and I threw up. “Oh no, it’s caffeine withdrawl-better get some coffee!” Too late. I was throwing up and couldn’t keep it down.

“I’ve just got to take this for the next several hours.” Ugh. Of course it got worse and worse. It got so bad I thought about calling 911. I couldn’t seem to breathe and a person needs to breathe, right? Then I felt too bad to make the call. “Hmm, I might die here. I wish I cleaned up a bit before I died. They’re going to see this mess when they come for the body.”

Hours later I fell asleep and apparently kept breathing because I woke up about 50% OK. Today I’m A-OK. I washed the coffee pot and put it in the closet, ‘cuz I’m done with it. Will I miss coffee? Yes. And I suppose the cleaned-up heroin addict misses heroin, too.

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