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Happy Halloween and How is Your Week Going?

Gus is Mario!

Gus is Mario!

Are you dressing up this Halloween? Dressing up is something we humans have been doing for…ever? Way before we started farming anyway. We do it because its FUN.

For those purse-lipped Puritans who say Halloween is pagan and should be shunned, I say lighten up and grab any holiday you can. Getting together with loved ones and partying is quite Christian. I mean, you’re not worshiping Molech or anything, right?

Remember they accused Jesus of being a drunkard and a glutton because he had no problem with parties-even with (horrors!)-TAX COLLECTORS!




My grandson, Gus, loves video games and is going as Mario. I just wanted to say hi, wish you a Happy Halloween and encourage you to celebrate whenever you can.



German Peasant War

German Peasant War

If you are in a more serious mood, check out my article on my other blog, Lessons from the Past: When the Peasants Struck Back. I study peasant revolts because I am a peasant and sometimes I am revolting. :)



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